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Housing Choice Voucher

A resource for Housing Choice Voucher participants and landlords

Your Section 8 rent assistance can stay with you if you move — whether it’s down the block or to a different state. The steps below outline the process of transferring your voucher to your new home.

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  • Call or write your rent assistance services coordinator to request your transfer packet.


  • If you are on a fixed-term lease and it is still in effect, if you owe Home Forward or your current landlord money, or if Home Forward is proposing termination due to program violations, you will not be approved to transfer.


  • Give notice to your landlord. Your packet contains a form to provide 30- to 60-day notice. Both you and your landlord must sign and date it. Give your landlord the white copy, keep the pink copy and return the yellow copy to us with the packet.


  • If your landlord issued you a notice to vacate, attach it to the packet.


  • Drop off or mail your request to your rent assistance services coordinator at 135 SW Ash Street, Portland, Oregon 97204.
  • If you have had any reduction or addition of family members since your last review, you must complete an “interim” packet in addition to the transfer packet. Let your rent assistance services coordinator know if you need an “Interim” packet. All family members must meet eligibility requirements for the program.
  • After we receive your request, your rent assistance services coordinator will review your information for completeness and will schedule you for an in-office appointment.


  • You will receive your voucher at the appointment, along with all other papers you will need to complete the transfer.
  • Moving to a new home can be expensive and difficult, even if you aren’t moving very far.  Here are some things to think about when deciding whether now is a good time to move.


  • Apartment application fee(s)


  • Background check


  • Rental security and cleaning deposits


  • Telephone, water, electrical, and other utilities


  • Hiring movers


  • Truck rental costs


  • Gasoline and other travel expenses


  • New furniture and/or appliances


  • Storage space


  • Cleaning supplies


  • Carpet cleaning


  • Time off from work


  • A new childcare provider


  • New school registration



You may also end up with rent “overlap” if you move too soon. Sometimes Section 8 participants move into a new unit before the lease at their old unit has ended. In this case, you will be expected to pay for the full rental amount until your subsidy begins.

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