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Policy and Planning

Public policy can be defined as a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities created by a government or public agency.

Public policy has a number of key qualities:

  • Made in response to some sort of issue or problem that needs to be addressed.
  • What government entities (like Home Forward) choose to do or not do about a particular issue or problem.
  • Might take the form of law or regulation that governs a particular issue or problem.
  • Made on behalf of the “public.”
  • Intended to achieve a goal, such as the solution of a problem.

Use the links in the menu above to take a closer look at the way Home Forward addresses policy work.

Stephens Creek Crossing

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Attention residents

As some of you may have heard, on August 20th 2023 the Portland Water Bureau’s regular testing of water quality detected small amounts of the bacteria Cryptosporidium. Since learning of this, Home Forward staff has been in contact with the Portland Water Bureau.

We have been assured that healthy individuals can and should continue using water as normal.

If you are immunocompromised or are taking an immunosuppressive drug, you can kill any potential cryptosporidium bacteria by boiling your water for 1 minute before consuming.

  • If you are boiling the water to drink, let the water cool.
  • Iodine and Chlorine do not kill this bacteria, and to treat for potential bacteria you should boil the water.
  • If you have questions please reach out to your property manager or resident services coordinator.

Please visit the Center for Disease Control website to get additional information.