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The Resident Advisory Committee is for program participants to engage in Home Forward policy decisions.

All members of the Home Forward housing community have a voice in major policy decisions through the volunteer Resident Advisory Committee (aka The RAC). The 14-20 member RAC is made up of residents and voucher participants, and is co-chaired by the Resident Commissioner of the Home Forward Board of Commissioners. As a group, RAC members select an advocacy topic each year in order to research, develop a pilot project, and to recommend successful practices for the agency.

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RAC members provide input and advice to the Home Forward Board of Commissioners (BOC) and management staff about policy changes and program development prior to review and decision-making by the BOC. They also present information directly to the BOC approximately twice each year.

The typical commitment is to serve a two year term as a committee member. The committee meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month (10 times each year).

Meetings alternate between public meetings (held at Home Forward properties throughout Multnomah County) and work sessions (held in downtown Portland at Home Forward’s main offices). Other time commitments include an annual retreat (usually six hours on a Saturday) and occasional subcommittee or outreach events.

An agenda packet is mailed prior to each committee meeting and RAC members may spend 1-2 hours reading and researching prior to the meeting.

  • $30 per monthly meeting


  • Tri-Met bus tickets for attending meetings


  • Child care at the meeting locations (if requested within three days of meetings)


  • a light buffet dinner before each regularly scheduled meeting

The committee holds at least four public meetings every year, conducts six work sessions, and reports the results of their work to the Home Forward Board of Commissioners.

Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m at rotating locations, and are currently held virtually. Guests who would like to give public comment are asked to arrive promptly and sign in with a staff member.  Meeting sites are accessible, and persons with disability access needs should call 503.802.8508 or 503.802.8554 (TTY) to request accommodations (e.g. assisted listening devices, sign language, and/or oral interpreter) at least three business days before the scheduled meeting. Service animals are welcome to in-person public meetings but not pets.

All meetings are virtual until further notice

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Attention residents

As some of you may have heard, on August 20th 2023 the Portland Water Bureau’s regular testing of water quality detected small amounts of the bacteria Cryptosporidium. Since learning of this, Home Forward staff has been in contact with the Portland Water Bureau.

We have been assured that healthy individuals can and should continue using water as normal.

If you are immunocompromised or are taking an immunosuppressive drug, you can kill any potential cryptosporidium bacteria by boiling your water for 1 minute before consuming.

  • If you are boiling the water to drink, let the water cool.
  • Iodine and Chlorine do not kill this bacteria, and to treat for potential bacteria you should boil the water.
  • If you have questions please reach out to your property manager or resident services coordinator.

Please visit the Center for Disease Control website to get additional information.